Our Fam

We are the Meyer fam. The 3 of us live in Brooklyn, New York in a cozy (translation = tiny) 1 bedroom apartment. The kitchen is the heart of our home and where we spend most of our time.


My husband, Mark, does most of the meal making. He is an amazing cook, recipe developer and daddy to baby Joel! I love to bake and document our lives. Joel is an eating machine so we are constantly preparing food to keep up with his appetite and stock our freezer with meals for the week!

Most of the food we make is healthy, hearty and gluten-free. The recipes posted here have an emphasis on efficiency. Think one-pot, family-style dishes with minimal prep and easy clean-up. We try to save time and money in any way possible, because life is expensive and every moment is precious.

Tools we couldn’t live without in our kitchen: Let’s talk about gear for a minute. Forgive me in advance for sounding like an infomercial. Honestly, we have no affiliation with these brands, I am just super passionate about these products. In general we don’t use a ton of gizmos. Not gonna lie, we have definitely purchased many things that are currently collecting dust in the back of the cupboard. The Spiralizer and that dehydrator we’ve never used. These items listed below are things we use often, sometimes multiple times a day. Worth every penny.

Instapot – Pressure cooker / best investment ever. This is like a slow cooker on steroids. It can be used pretty much the same way, but FASTER. For example, it will cook short ribs that would usually take 8 hrs in about 30 mins. AMAZING! Another feature we love is that you can sautee which makes a huge difference for chili or anything with meat / onions (basically, everything)

Electric Kettle – No brainer if you make a lot of pasta, hardboiled eggs, tea / coffee. Basically anything that requires boiling water. Every kitchen in Europe has one, but for some reason they never caught on in America. Let’s start a trend people!

Ricemaker – This one took some convincing for me. We got it before we had our baby and we weren’t eating a ton of rice at the time, but we were looking for ways to cut costs. Adding rice / quinoa to any dish instantly bulks it up and allows for more leftovers. Cha-ching. I give Joel rice / quinoa with pretty much every dinner, because we’re all about those slow release carbs before bedtime.

Knives – Mark mostly uses a Wusthof (serious chef’s knife), but I love our Pure Komachi set for day-to-day chopping. They are lightweight and less intimidating than the Wusthof / Global, but still cut like a BOSS. I also love that they come with cute little matching sheaths. Great for when you want to take an avocado on a road trip. We do this all time. Perfectly normal, right?